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Parnakuti Resorts was incorporated on 13th April,2002 in the State of Maharashtra by Mr Prasad Kolambkar, with the main object of setting up and running hotel and related businesses.
Parnakuti Resorts has firmly established a brand EXOTICA. The vision of Parnakuti Resorts is in positioning its Hotels all over the Country.
Besides, Parnakuti Resort consciously follows the policy of environment conservation in its establishments, be it in constructions, design and operations. This gives Parnakuti Resort a unique look and helps it stand above the rest.
Parnakuti Resort has successfully established two hotels. First venture of Parnakuti Resort is EXOTICA THE TROPICAL RETREAT, at Yeour Hills, Thane West. The USP of Exotica The Tropical Retreat is an hotel without any walls.  
The Second venture of Parnakuti Resort is EXOTICA THE BEACH RESORT, which is located at Diveagar, Shrivardhan. The USP of Exotica Beach Resort is its log cottages in suruvan
Our upcoming projects are at Mahableshwar and Goa.
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